SHARPLINK International

We produce fashion accessories, men's jewelry, lady's jewelry, premium  gift items for many prestigious international brands.


Main products including Badges, Bracelets, Brooches, Coins, Cufflinks,  Lady Jewelry, Mansonic Jewel, Pins, Shoes Clips, Tie Clips, Fashion hardware & Pet jewelry.


Due to non-disclousure agreement, we cannot disclose our clients brand. 

Materials we use including, but not limited to stainless steel, brass, alloy, silver, semi precious stones and gems.


Our Strength

316 stainless steel - durable materials that doesn't corrode easily and resistant to extreme environment. We have been producing men & lady's jewelry and fashion accessories for prestigious American brands.


Brass - durable, yet more flexible than stainless steel.  We have been manufacturing for many prestigious international brand cufflinks since establishment.


Enamel/ Epoxy - we have been making beautiful statement master piece and some signature classic pieces for our clients all this years. Enamelling allow our skilled workers add a vivid color to the jewelry.  


PVD Plating (Physical Vapor Deposition) - it creates an attravtive color finishing to the jewelry by adhersing an ultra-thin long lasting color film to the steel surface.